Road Data Marketplace


High quality tire and road models are key to all kinds of virtual prototyping applications. Advanced virtual CAE methods for vehicle performance analysis, durability prediction, ride comfort evaluation, extended handling manoeuvres, ADAS and autonomous control system design require realistic input from the digital twin of the wheels.

Digital road surfaces are required for virtual vehicle prototyping to compute road loads as well as for visualization purposes. Laser scanned high resolution data today is the industry standard. Providing a digital twin of the road adds a missing piece in virtual vehicle development. Our partners supply the best in class digital road surface models in ultra high-resolution with regular grids up to 5 mm x 5 mm.

Until now, customers were required to order scanning services as an individual service to purchase digital road data as a proprietary asset. Applying a digital rights management system (DRM) to road data allows users to access encrypted high quality input data in a secure and convenient way. New offerings like restricting data access to particular user groups, short term leasing and publication of proprietary geo data like race tracks or vehicle OEMs proving ground is now possible under the trusted environment provided by the cosin licensing scheme.

For more information and details see our road data portfolio of 3D Mapping Solutions and IDIADA Automotive Technology.