Our cooperation partner IDIADA Automotive Technology has digitalised their proving ground for virtual development and validation activities. For our joint customers the most important tracks of IDIADA Spain Virtual Proving Ground (ISVPG) are available for leasing as high resolution surfaces. These tracks are ready to use for all FTire supported CAE tools in order to simulate virtual scenarios for different application cases, such as extended handling, ride and comfort simulation, NVH, and ADAS & Autonomous Driving system development.

Proving Ground Map

Idiada_PG_01_1200 IDIADA VPG - Cosin Web PG Map


0-General Road Track 0 General Road (2018)

1-High Speed Circuit Track 1 High-Speed Circuit (2018)

3-Fatigue Track A - Comfort Track A Track 3 Fatigue Tracks (2018)

3-Fatigue Track A - Comfort Track A Track 3 Comfort Tracks (2018)

4-Dynamic Platform A Track 4 Dynamic Platform A (2018)

5-Dry Handling Circuit Track 5 Dry Handling Track (2018)

6-Test Hills Track 6 Test Hill Tracks (2018)

7-Straight Line Braking Surfaces Track 7 Braking Surfaces (2018)

7b-Comfort Track B & Sim City Track 7b Comfort B Track (2018)

10-Off Road Track Track 10 Off Road Track (2018)

10-Off Road Track Track 10 Forest Track (2018)

11-Wet Circle Track 11 Wet Circle Track (2018)

12-Wet Handling Circuit Track 12 Wet Handling Track (2018)

All tracks are available as lease licenses.

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