FTire Product Suite

The Tire Simulation Software Suite FTire consists of its main product FTire/core, the 3D flexible structure virtual tire with dedicated solver extensions, the standalone product FTire/fit for parameter identification out of measurements and FTire/sim a fast and efficient tire dynamics and road-related simulation toolkit.

In addition users are provided with the powerful cosin/tools to handle FTire data and cosin Road Data DRM enabling digital rights management and road data encryption.


Key features

  • Detailed fully nonlinear 3D tire structure deformation model covering all frequencies up to 250 Hz and higher
  • Brush-type dynamic tread-road contact model with a resolution below 1 mm. Optional use of geometrical tread patterns is supported
  • Tire imperfection models including tread gauge variation, imbalance effects, conicity and non-uniformity
  • Optional misuse contact elements like rim-to-belt (bottoming), sidewall-to-road, and rim-to-road
  • Solver extensions for tread wear, bulk and tread surface temperature, air volume vibration, flexible rim, and deformable road
  • cosin’s digital road models supporting rigid, flexible, time-invariant or time-variant road surfaces, and 3rd-party user-written road descriptions, e.g. OpenCRG, RDF, etc.
  • Comprehensive tools for parameter editing, validation as well as statics, steady-state, modal, and linearization analyzes
  • Online animation of detailed belt deformation, pressure distribution, and road surface attributes
  • Interface to arbitrary user-defined FE-based rim flexibility models
  • Interface to user-defined soft-soil and flexible road surface models
  • Multi-core system enabled solver
  • Solver extension for realtime execution on selected platforms
  • Comprehensive parameter identification tool

What is unique?

  • FTire predicts complex tire phenomena on a strictly mechanical and thermo-dynamical basis. It provides much more reliable results than any purely mathematical curve approximation ever can.
  • FTire features powerful model parameterization tools and scripted simulation prospects. In addition it comes with online monitoring, result analysis, and reporting capabilities as well as advanced pre- and post-processing features.
  • Re-use of the same high-quality tire models throughout the entire tool chain and the whole development process, from the office, over HiL to the testbed systems across all departments.
  • Even a full featured FTire structural dynamics model can run under hard realtime conditions.


For more information see the documentation page.