Interfacing Partner (VI-CarRealTime)

VI-CarRealTime is a real-time vehicle simulation software for engineers who want to quickly evaluate the handling and ride performance of a certain vehicle configuration, develop and adjust vehicle controller and test a prototype or production ECU in a real Hardware-in-the-Loop system.

vi-carrealtimeVI-CarRealTime is based on a faster-than-real-time equation solver, which shares components with and has been validated against the industry standard Adams/Car solution. This ensures high quality and enables an easy exchange of data between engineering teams in all phases of the development process, from conceptual to detailed design, and across the different disciplines, supporting the communication within the organization and with suppliers. The open architecture enables the use of proprietary definition of specific components, when required.

With VI-CarRealTime, the development teams can even experience how a design change affects the vehicle in a more subjective way, by allowing the test drivers to get a feeling for the car, while driving the virtual vehicle on a motion base driving simulator. All this with one single set of data!

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For more information, please visit www.vi-grade.com