License Request

Licenses are offered to business customers and academia only.

  • Contact data must be a qualified corporate email address (no free webmail account or other address not related to the company name)
  • Reseller contract data (if required) must be a valid contract ID that can be checked with the reseller.
  • Academic licenses are only offered to university staff (professor, CAE lab manager, etc) and not to individual students.

By submitting a license request you are confirming that you are entitled to make such a request on behalf of your company.

All license requests are subject to the cosin licensing terms and conditions.

I want to evaluate a cosin product.

I already have a license and need to make a change.

Terms and conditions will be sent to the email address given.

Select any applicable option:

Change license server

Use your existing login data to install OLicense server on the new computer and export the server’s hardware fingerprint from the license server’s web admin page (Administer server -> Export server info).

Click here to download OLicense server installers

According to cosin’s licensing terms & conditions, virtual license servers are only possible after additional confirmation:

For the software license identified above, Customer is hereby requesting change of the license server from the customer computer where the license manager is currently installed (“current license server”) to another customer computer (“new license server”). In connection with this request, Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees as follows:

cosin will deliver a license file to be imported to the new computer to the extent necessary to facilitate the change. Customer shall promptly complete the change as permitted herein.

Nothing herein shall increase the number or scope of the license(s) granted under the agreement.

By submitting this form the customer certifies that his has complied with its obligations under this form.

License updates will be sent to the registered or updated contact after verification.