Log in to the customer download section by providing your reference email address (user name) and an associated license ID (password).

Customer download login

FTire/tools license request for holders of 3rd party FTire/core solver licenses

cosin provides access to product updates to holders of 3rd party reseller licenses. A valid FTire maintenance contract with the reseller is required. It is also required to set up cosin licensing, if not yet available.

Request access to product updates on the license support request page.

Can’t log in?

If access to the download section was denied, please check the following conditions:

  • Invalid credentials?
    Did you enter the credentials exactly as given in the notification mail you received from cosin?
    The credentials consist of the email address the notification email was originally sent to (reference email), and the corresponding license ID.
  • License expired?
    Does the license ID you entered refer to at least one licensed module with an expiration date greater or equal to the current date?
  • Not yet registered OLicense server ID?
    Access to the software download section is only possible if you have registered your OLicense server ID with cosin, and a license file has been issued for you.