Tire, Road Contact

FTire on belgian block at 10 km/h

Load: quarter car, 400kg.

FTire on belgian block at 30 km/h

Load: quarter car, 400kg.

Sidewall contact

Steering against a curb with a passenger car tire (top) and truck tire (bottom).

Curbstone oblique

Top: Slow rolling over curbstone.
Bottom: Difference to Pacejka (single contact point).


Rolling over curbstones with detailed tread pattern. v=40kmh.

Parking manoevre +/-12deg

Contact force vectors: red – sticking; yellow – sliding

Local belt deformation

Falling tire

Truck tire passing a big bump

Rolling over a high curb

Detailed tread pattern

Several moving bodies in contact with tire

FTire + quarter-car, climbing an oblique high curb, with rim-to-road contact

FTire + quarter-car, blowout

Exaggerated tire radius variation, for model capability demonstration only