Standalone product designed for identification and optimization of FTire data on basis of static and steady-state measurements, footprint geometry, cleat tests and virtual measurements such as finite-element-analysis (FEA) results.


Key features

  • Convenient tool for processing, identification, and validation of geometrical, static, steady-state, handling, dynamic, and modal data
  • Wide support for input data formats like TYDEX data files, ASCII tables, bitmaps, graphs, MF tire model data, etc.
  • Tuning of numerical properties
  • Automatic measurement data format recognition and conversion
  • Automated footprint comparison
  • Automated cross-section geometry import
  • Automated stiffness determination (radial, longitudinal, lateral, torsion, cornering stiffness, pneumatic trail, and slip stiffness)
  • Automated static and steady-state validation by time domain simulation
  • Dynamic identification using least squares fits of cleat tests in time and/or frequency domain
  • Result file analysis
  • Automated generation of fitting reports
  • Fully automatic HTML/PDF-based report creator, including generation and illustration of steady-state and handling simulation results

Benefits at a glance

  • FTire/fit is the powerful parameter identification and validation toolbox for FTire
  • Much more than just a mathematical parameter fitting procedure