FTire HiL AC

Enables Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Application Cases (AC) executing FTire/core on testbed systems, driving simulators and more.

  • Guaranteed compatibility to specific target systems
  • Hard Real-Time conditions (guaranteed response times)
  • High accurate in frequency range up to 200 Hz
  • Parallel solver execution for multiple tire instances
  • Taking full advantage of multi-core systems
  • Simulation setup remains unchanged
  • Suitable for all applications from ride/comfort, extended handling, vibrations, to durability


Currently supported hardware (HiL Systems)

  • FTire HiL AC for HSRC
    MTS testbed systems (HSRC application case)
  • FTire HiL AC for CCRT (concurrent REAL-TIME)
    on driving simulator solutions

What is unique?

  • Full featured FTire structural dynamics model runs under hard Real-Time conditions
  • No changes in tire and road data-sets
  • Standard road resolution 5 mm x 5 mm also for FTire HiL AC
  • Re-use of the same high-quality Digital Twin across all simulations guarantees a seamless workflow

Benefits at a glance

  • Makes FTire/core available to HiL, testbed system and simulator applications under hard Real-Time conditions
  • Change tire operating conditions at simulation runtime