A suite of useful utilities to easily edit, analyze, debug and process FTire data files. This tool-box is included as standard with FTire/core or FTire/fit.

Key features

  • cosin/tools for tires is a GUI-based data file editor, which includes programs for static, modal, and steady-state analysis of FTire data files, as well as tool-kits for interactive simulation, linearization, reformatting of input files, and a lot more
  • cosin/tools for roads is a comprehensive road data file generator, browser, and converter for all kinds of road formats (RGR, track data files, openCRG, RDF, …)
  • cosin/ip is an advanced simulation results viewer
  • FTire/record is an offline replay simulation tool for FTire input signals
  • FTire/estimate allows data file estimation (‚morphing‘) based reference data and user-adjustable approximation formulas
  • Additional MATLAB-based post-processing tools

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Time-invariant and time-variant rigid road surfaces library.

Key features

  • Rotating drum or flat belt with or without cleats
  • General function expressions
  • Hydro-pulser and 4-poster
  • Plank/cleat, pothole, ramp, roof, sine, and swept sine
  • Poly-lines with banking angle
  • Stochastic ISO road classes
  • Race tracks with large banking and general height profile
  • Regular grid based high-resolution 3D road surfaces with curved centerline including location-dependent friction and flexibility properties
  • Measured surfaces
  • 2D PSD realizations
  • Image-based surfaces
  • Function expressions and combinations