(Tool under development)

cosin/prm is a new approach for flexible soil and „rigid body to soil“ application in vehicle simulation.

cosin/prm goes beyond the limits of current Bekker/Wong based soft soil modeling and provides full deformable and displaceable soil and not only a vertical degree of freedom added to surface nodes.

Key features

  • Flexible tire structure interaction with the soil model
  • Interaction of rigid body parts with the soil (vehicle rollover, plowing)
  • Coarsely grained surface (gravel road) for dynamic wheel loads on deformable, bumpy surfaces
  • Assessment of soil stresses from applied wheel contact pressure (ground damage in forestry and agricultural applications)
  • High dynamic impact (vehicle hitting a pile of sand, drop tests)
  • Traction and wheel sinkage (braking, wheel spinning, parking steer, influence of inflation pressure)
  • General bulldozing, even for transient wheel states

Similar to FTire’s approach compared to FE tire models, cosin/prm makes a meaningful simplification to the soil’s actual physical properties and creates a particle based soil system, that shows comparable properties in the target application range, without going into details of actual microscopic soil elements. cosin/prm is not meant to be a tool for terra mechanical investigations.

cosin/prm is designed to execute on standard desktop computers in an „MBD timescale“ (hours to days, and not months like FE based soil models).

cosin/prm is parameterized from physical testing of relevant soil properties, while not re-creating actual soil particle shapes or molecular forces.

cosin/prm currently is under development and not yet product ready.

Product presentation