FTire and road model creation, editing, analysis, and data processing tools

cosin/tools is a collection of utilities to create, edit, analyse, debug, and process FTire and road data files.

Product features

cosin/tools comprises a suite of useful auxiliary programs for FTire and related software:

  • cosin/tools for tires: GUI-based data file editor and analyzer, including programs for static, modal, steady-state and interactive analysis of FTire models, as well as for linearization, data file reformatting etc.
  • FTire/recorder: FTire simulation recording and replay without use of underlying vehicle dynamics model
  • FTire/estimator: Simplified data file estimator on basis of reference data and estimation formulae
  • cosin/tools for roads: Road data file generator / browser / formatter
  • cosin/ip: Simulation result viewer
  • cosin/animator: Off-line browsing of FTire animations and generation of result movies

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