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Universal Mechanism (UM) is the software package for simulation of multibody system dynamics. UM includes the kernel and number of the additional problem-oriented modules.

UM Automotive is the module which is intended for simulation of road vehicle dynamics. It includes program tools for description of a road plan and road excitations, mathematical models of tires and drivers and a library of maneuvers, suspensions, steering systems and elements of transmission.

Engineers can solve the following tasks using UM Automotive.

  • Creation and dynamic analysis of tire vehicle models including detailed description of suspension, steering, transmission and other construction parts.
  • Automatic executions and analysis of series of virtual experiments for arbitrary maneuvers with different service conditions and vehicle parameters.
  • Simulation of pneumatic suspensions as parts of a vehicle model.
  • Dynamic simulation taking into account the flexibility of some parts of a vehicle construction.
  • Analysis and prediction of the bearing parts durability of a design.
  • Animation of vehicle motion during simulation.
  • Import of objects from widespread CAD software packages and STEP and IGES formats.

For more information, please visit www.universalmechanism.com