October 5th, 2020

cosin Becomes Reseller Of High-Quality Road Data Created By 3D Mapping Solutions

Launch of cosin road data marketplace for rented high-resolution road data

cosin scientific software AG and 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH enter into a new distribution agreement for DRM protected high quality virtual road data.

cosin scientific software AG, an industry leader in tire simulation software for virtual vehicle prototyping, today announced that it has strengthened the relationship with its longtime partner, 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH, to make high quality road data available to their customers. cosin scientific software AG now is reselling the product portfolio of 3D Mapping Solutions under a digital rights management (DRM) system.

3DM-Highway 3DM-SiliconValley 3DM-Strassenschaeden

Digital road surfaces are required in virtual vehicle prototyping to compute road loads as well as for visualization purposes. Laser scanned high resolution data today is the industry standard. Until now, customers needed to order scanning services as an individual service to purchase digital road data as a proprietary asset. Applying a digital rights management system (DRM) to road data allows using encrypted high quality input data in a secure and convenient way. New offerings like restricting data access to particular user groups, short term renting and publication of proprietary geo data like race tracks or vehicle OEMs proving ground now became possible under the trusted environment provided by the cosin licensing scheme.

„High quality tire and road models are key to all kind of virtual prototyping applications. Advanced virtual CAE methods for vehicle performance analysis, durability prediction, ride comfort evaluation, ADAS and autonomous control system design require top realistic input from the digital twin of the wheels. Combining high frequency tire modeling and high resolution road surfaces makes the virtual vehicle prototype a personal experience, even on a driving simulator.“ says Gerald Hofmann, CEO at cosin scientific software AG.

„For 3D Mapping Solutions, the global leader in digital kinematic road surface scanning, it is a big advantage to make high quality road data available to the users of FTire under a safe and secure licensing scheme. It is the first time we can make proprietary race track surface data available to users under a DRM protected environment. This also allows short term renting of high value road data that has only been available as a customer proprietary service so far. We are excited to support FTire users bringing their virtual vehicle development process to a new level of fidelity.“ says Dr. Gunnar Gräfe, managing director at 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH.


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About cosin scientific software AG

cosin scientific software AG provides simulation software for advanced tire and road surface modeling for virtual vehicle simulation. The key product, FTire, is the market-leading high-frequency and multi-purpose tire model in the market. FTire has its roots in the late 1980s, when the company started developing physical tire models for vehicle dynamics simulation. FTire subsequently established its position as the leading tire model for vehicle comfort, road loads and NVH analysis. From 2009, FTire development, sales and support was provided by cosin scientific software partnership, which was transferred into cosin scientific software AG in April 2020. Together with several partners worldwide, cosin scientific software offers the full range of support for tire data measurement, parameter identification, and road surface measurement.

About 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

Located in Holzkirchen, Germany and Pittsburgh, USA, 3D Mapping Solutions is the leading expert in the fields of high-accuracy kinematic surveying of public roads, proving grounds, race tracks and rough road test tracks of any kind. 3D Mapping Solutions specializes in high-precision and high-resolution mapping of road networks, test and race tracks as well as proving grounds. The globally active company creates high-precision reference maps as a basis for user-specific developments, for advanced ADAS or driving development, test and validation applications for autonomous driving. Another important field of activity is the development of digital surface models as a basis for a wide range of applications in the areas of tire development, noise analysis, vehicle dynamics and driving comfort simulation.