cosin scientific software: FTire Product Brief | 2016/02/08 08:47
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FTire Product Brief
Features and Capabilities

FTire (Flexible Structure Tire Model) is a time-domain, nonlinear tire simulation model for high-frequent and short-wave-length excitation, applied and supported by vehicle and tire manufacturers all over the world.

FTire on curbstone

FTire is designed for ride comfort simulations and road load prediction for durability applications, on road irregularities even with extremely short wave-lengths. At the same time, it serves as a physically based, highly nonlinear, and dynamic tire model for handling validation and optimization under the same excitation conditions.

In contrast to many other tire models, FTire explains most of the complex tire phenomena, on a strictly mechanical, tribological, and thermodynamical basis – and is much more than just a mathematical approximation of measured characteristics.

The development of the first version of FTire began in 1998, consolidating ideas and approaches of the previously developed tire models DNS-Tire, BRIT, and CTire. Since then, FTire has evolved towards one of the best known and most frequently used tire simulation models in automotive engineering.

FTire provides optimized, proven, and actively maintained interfaces to AdamsSIMPACK, VI-CarRealTime, MATLAB/Simulink, MotionSolve, CarSim, FedemRecurDyn, veDyna, Virtual.Lab Motion, and more.

  • FTire is fast. It only takes about 5 to 20 times real-time; a special version even runs in real-time, simulating all tires of a vehicle simultaneously.
  • FTire can run multiple tire instances in parallel on multi-processor systems.
  • FTire is numerically robust..
  • FTire focuses on ease of data supply.
  • FTire is subject to ongoing improvement.
  • FTire shows very good correlation to measurements.
  • FTire does not require any tire-specific road data pre-processing. It uses the road surface (and other road properties) 'as is'.



FTire can easily be linked to customer-specific vehicle dynamics software; a simple and proven interface is available. cosin Tire Interface (CTI), designed as a state-of-the-art API, is an alternative to the limited capabilities of TYDEX/STI.

CTI is lean, logical, easy-to-use, well defined, numerically robust. It works in C, C++, and Fortran. CTI is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It provides plug-in technology for user-written libraries in several different levels.

CTI comes in two versions: the standard one, which links FTire's libraries dynamically to the calling application, and a client/server version, to use a remote FTire compute server via a network connection.




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